Managing Anger and Irritability 

Although anger is a fundamental and natural human emotion, it can lead to various problems if it gets out of control. This popular workshop has been devised with the aim to provide you with a broader understanding of anger, its functions and its social perception. You will be introduced to techniques and strategies that enable you to identify your own triggers in everyday life and to develop a personal set of skills in order to manage anger and irritability more constructively. 

We Will:

  • Explore methods to identify your own triggers and look into the psychology and physiology of anger.
  • Understand how thinking styles play a part in the prolongation of anger
  • Learn ways we can adopt strategies to manage our anger and irritation in everyday life.
  • We will also focus on soothing and stress reducing techniques to help better manage your anger triggers 

For more information, please call us: 020 3513 4044

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