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What to expect

What happens once I have been referred?

Referral received: once your referral has been received, you will receive a text message with the date and time of your initial call. It will include all the information you need and what to expect from this phone call, including how long it will take, the purpose of the call and the kind of questions you may be asked.

Initial call: your initial call will be an opportunity to discuss your needs and what the next steps are to

support you. We will talk you through the different services that can offer help. You will also be asked if you have friends, family members or carers who support you and could be offered their own support.

Contact from services offering support: following the call, you will receive contact from the services that can help you with the difficulties you are having. If it has been agreed that you would benefit from an assessment, you will receive an appointment. This could be either face to face or a video consultation depending on what's best for you.

Assessment: if you have been referred for a further assessment, the person you meet will have all the information you have already shared so you won’t have to provide it again. Together you will discuss and agree what would be helpful to address the areas that are important to you.

Meeting your lead healthcare professional: this will be your first meeting with the person who will be supporting you throughout your care and treatment journey. You will be able to bring your peer support worker (if you have one) or your carer, family member or friend to support you. You will discuss the support and treatment options available to you, which are based on your individual needs, and together you will design your care plan.

Your Recovery Plan: Your lead healthcare professional will work with you to develop your Recovery Plan. This is designed to give you the confidence and knowledge to maintain your recovery, and information about how to access support in the future should you need it.

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